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Welcome to June! It's the start of summer, Pride Month, and National Adopt-A-Cat Month! Animal welfare is a topic near and dear to our hearts, but many shelters currently have very different policies than in previous years. Even though shelters across the country are still adopting out animals, many have had to come up with new strategies for connecting people with animals while maintaining social distancing and still providing care for animals. For example, PAWS in Philadelphia has an entirely different set of protocols and services during COVID-19. If you are interested in adopting or fostering an animal this month, be sure to check in with your local shelter before trying to go in person, depending on their current policies and your state's current status.

Nine Lions has worked on a couple animal-centric projects in the past. Most notably, we edited together a fake reality TV series for Litter Genie called The Real Cat Lives. The entire project was comprised of b-roll footage shot in a cat cafe. It was up to us to sift through the b-roll and add motion graphics in order to create 16 mini-vignettes that parodied the tropes of the TV genre: over-the-top drama, confessional camera interviews, and LOTS of spicy cattidude!

Episode 1: Meet The Cats

Here is a link to the entire YouTube Playlist. If you prefer, we’ve included a couple of our purr-sonal favorites below:

Episode 5: Litter Box

Episode 8: Snooping

Episode 14: Oh! Meow She Didn't

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