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Welcome to 2020! Welcome to the new YOU*! Welcome to the new Nine Lions Blog.

*Technically, it’s still the same you, for now: completely unchanged, but possibly with some intentions to improve, reflect or maybe change things up. I am not sure if you have heard of this or not, but every new year, many people make resolutions. In theory, some people actual stick with those resolutions! That’s what we’re planning to do with this blog.

We will tell you a little about what we have done in the past. We will tell you a little about what we would like to do in the future. In general, we are making a goal to communicate exactly who we are to you. Let’s start with a basic introduction.

We are a post-production company. What is a post-production company? We take digital media –whether it’s video recorded on set, stock footage or images purchased online, or original content created by an artist or graphic designer, and turn them into videos for YouTube, Instagram, TV, a movie theatre....anywhere that visual media is consumed. We can help you produce the moving images on set directly, or we can complete the entire post workflow —planning a visual concept based on your ideas, sourcing or receiving all of your content, and delivering your final product by deadline— remotely.

To honor the theme of resolutions, (and one of the most common goals, improving health and fitness) we wanted to share the pieces we made for Weight Watchers. Also, the series is a perfect example of how Nine Lions can work collaboratively and remotely on projects: we received the sizeable amount of interview footage from an outside producer, followed the scripts put together by writers, cut notes and creative based on digital marketing contacts at WW, and combined all of the input to turn around a fantastic series!


...and Happy New Year!

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