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Happy February! It’s hard to believe that yet another month is almost over, isn’t it? But as we promised, with each new month, we’ll have a new blog post...even if we’re cutting it a little close!

On the topic of our 2020 goals, how are you doing with those resolutions you set in January? Still going strong? Or...let’s be honest here...perhaps they’ve totally fallen to the wayside already? If you happen to be among the 80% of people who fail to keep their New Years’ Resolutions, don’t worry; you’re certainly not alone! (Source: U.S. News & World Report) One of the most important—yet difficult—steps in succeeding is being honest with yourself and setting realistic goals. So in that spirit, let’s try to close out February with a focus on being truthful...even when it’s challenging!

If December is the month when we revel in the magic and beauty of the winter season, and January is the month when we all resolve to change and improve our lives, it feels like February is the month where we finally get around to admitting the truth: it’s too dang cold outside!

Maybe that’s one reason why we don’t associate February with outdoor winter activities like the past two months- instead, we look forward to bundling up in a blanket, making a hot chocolate and staying nice and toasty indoors. Similarly, most people celebrate Valentine’s Day with a cozy, intimate dinner with a loved one instead of some wild hiking trip in the tundra (but hey, we won’t judge if that’s your idea of a dream date.)

The concept of truth also carries over to the videos we are sharing this month, in more ways than one. We were hired to create a series of three videos promoting a new brand of perfume, very appropriately called “EVE Truth,” [for AVON produced by International Flavors & Fragrances]. For the second video in the series we collaborated with Director Kevin Hackenberg, who interviewed the perfumer responsible for creating this new aroma, Laurent Le Guernec. For the other two videos, we focused on the face of EVE Truth: actress Eva Mendes.

It would have been wonderful to interview or record new promo footage with Ms. Mendes, but the truth is...she’s an extremely busy woman! Fortunately, she had already filmed a beautiful short promo at an earlier date, so we were able to take that footage and “remix” it with new music, graphics, and the supplemental material that Kevin shot.

That’s just the way things go in the world of post-production: sometimes, you get all the sound bites, b-roll, and establishing shots that you initially brainstormed. And other times (honestly, most of the time) you have to be resourceful with how to optimally use the content you receive. By far, the best method to prevent any unexpected hiccups in the final stages of your project is to make sure that you are honest—not just with your client, but also with yourself—about the scope of the project, the assets and content that are available to use, and the best ways to creatively solve any possible limitations that might arise.

The central message behind EVE Truth is to wear your truth, and be your true self. So, let’s do it. Let’s be honest. Sure- it’s still February and it’s still cold, but we’ve only got a few more weeks to go! Check out the videos below, and let the flowery footage fill your mind with lovely thoughts of spring. Before you know it, it’ll be here!

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